Who do I call when I need Service?

Of course we would prefer you call us for all your service needs.  We do offer 24 hour emergency service.  But it's your
preference if you rather call us or the fuel supplier.  If you use us for annual furnace cleanings, you will receive 10% off all
other plumbing and Heating Services -up to and including brand new heating systems.

What does the Membership Fee Cover?

The membership fee not only locks you into the low price fuel, but it's also is used to keep our service rate down.

How do I Join:

Make sure that the Enrollment form is filled out and eirther  E-Mail - Mail or Bring it into the office located at 322 Sunapee  
Street, Newport NH. (The Enrollment Form is not the actual fuel supply contract)

How long does the process take?

Once we receive your completed application and membership dues, you are locked into the fixed price program.  We enter
the information into our database then we submit it to our fuel supplier.

Do I have to Pre-buy the Fuel?

No - you pay when the fuel is delivered - upon our suppliers credit terms.  Our supplier does have budget, & net 30 plans or
you may prepay if you choose.  You must remain in good credit terms with our supplier in order to keep the fixed price.

Who can join?

Anyone who our supplier will deliver to.

How do I know how much fuel to reserve?

If already a current Co-op member you can allow yourself 10 % more gallons of fuel your actual usage in the previous year.  If
a new customer and you do not know the consumption of fuel you used in the previous year you can reserve one gallon of
fuel per square footage of your home.  

For example:  your home is 1200 square feet - you should be safe by reserving 1200 gallons of fuel.  

Why do I always get a delivery in the summer when the prices are high?

Pricing has no bearing on the date you receive your automatic delivery.  Our Oil Company delivers solely based upon a
mathematical formula that involves the daily temperatures and the size of tank.  It's the customer's responsibility to call before
May 31st to stop automatic deliveries until you sign up for the upcoming season.

Are we the cheapest Oil?

-We can't always promise to be the lowest priced Oil.  Sometimes a discount Oil Company will get a really cheap load of Oil
and be able to sell it for less, however, our members will receive a discount off their normal price per gallon from our suppliers.

Do I have to use all of the fuel I reserve?

No, our supplier will not make you use all the fuel.

Our supplier is only going to allow 10% over previous year's usage unless a reason is stated on the agreement that you would
use more fuel in the upcoming heating season.

The contract states that I have to be on automatic delivery, do I have to abide by that?

Yes, if you call and stop automatic deliveries, you have breeched your contract..
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