Terms and Conditions
LS FUEL CO-OP Terms and Condition:

  1. No prepayment required upon oil suppliers' credit
    application.  You Pay after every delivery.  
  2. Not responsible for forms filled out incorrectly - If the
    application is not filled out correctly - it will get sent back -
    that may make you late for the deadline.  You should contact
    us if you have any questions in filling out the form.  We are
    here to help.
  3. You may reserve up to 10% more gallons than you used in
    the previous year.
  4. Any Billing Questions - you should call the co-op Oil Supplier
    first.  We will try to assist you if problems should arise after
    you have contacted the Oil Supplier
  5. Additional Gallons beyond coverage of the plan will be billed
    at suppliers' current retail price if on a fixed price, pre-buy or
    budget plan.
  6. Protected Price is for the exact number of gallons specified.
    (Must take delivery of these by May 31).
  7. Co-op Membership Fee is non-refundable.
  8. All NEW members using less than 500 gallons of fuel oil or
    propane need prior authorization from their Oil Supplier
    before joining the co-op.  Accepting any new members using
    500 gallons or more.
  9. Make sure to read our Oil Suppliers' terms before signing the
  10. Lake Sunapee Co-op allows members to receive a discount
    off your normal fuel price from our suppliers, we do not buy
    the gallons up front and set a price.
  11. We shall not be held liable for Oil spills, non- payment of Oil
    Bills, etc.
  12. Members will be put on "Rack" pricing automatically unless
    they call their fuel supplier by the deadline date to lock in a
    specific price for the numbers of gallons used.
PO Box 664
Newport NH  03773
(603) 863-2430
Formerly United
Oil Co-op